Set to determine the softening point

REF. PA 56


Standard: ASTM D 36 | INVIAS 712

It is used to determine the average value of the temperatures at which the bituminous material is softened by the action of temperature. Elements of the equipment manufactured with the material and dimensions according to the test standards.

Product description.

  • Metal support with rod.
  • Bunsen burner.
  • Two centering rings (Ref. PA56A) 4. Two 3/8 "spheres (Ref. CO1862) 5. Nut or clamp for fastening.
  • Aluminum cover.
  • 800 ml Baker Cup
  • Wire mesh with asbestos.
  • Glass Thermometer:
  • ASTM 15C, graduated from -2oC to 80oC (Ref. PG966)
  • ASTM 16C, graduated from 30oC to 200oC (Ref. PG925)

Additional information


CO1862, PA56A, PG925, PG966


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