Computerized automatic multipurpose machine

Ref: PS271

The Computerized Multipurpose Machine has been redesigned to meet the current standards requirements of soil and asphalt testing laboratories. Particular interest has been given in facilitating the operational part and recording of the tests, through an automatic operation system with closed loop control, spreadsheets for immediate reporting and indefinite storage of data. Its easy-to-access automatic performance and manual or automated system management and computer recording facilities ensure optimum speed, accuracy, registration and documentation of CBR tests, unconfined compression, soil-cement tests and Marshall test in mixtures Asphaltic tests and indirect rock traction test.

The configuration allows automatic selection of the test speed, in accordance with the requirements of the reference standards, error-free recording of sample parameters and data (curves) and calculated results, as well as ease of printing of reports Test, in spreadsheets and later consultation and printing of the same.

The measurement of the feed (displacement, penetration, deformation) is made directly on the screw feed system, guaranteeing an accurate measurement for all the tests. Force measurement is done by means of interchangeable precision load cells. It is supplied with two load cells to extend the measurement range guaranteeing the accuracy from very soft soils and / or clays to high resistance soils.

The state-of-the-art computer (included) through specialized software, via USB communication ports, captures test data in real time, graphs and generates test reports in spreadsheets. Before starting the test, the parameters of the sample and the test are recorded and simultaneously, in real time, the data necessary for report or test report are recorded in an easy-to-use spreadsheet, which can be complemented with comments and / Or observations related to the sample, environmental conditions or any other information considered important for the test. The registered trials are stored in a database of easy access, which allows the reprinting of reports or reports.



  • Charging pistons for CBR, Marshall and unconfined compression tests.
  • Includes inspection report for force and displacement measurement.
  • Computer and Software

Product description.

Power range:
  • Low range: 0 to 5 kN under compression
  • High range: 0 to 50 kN under compression
  • Accuracy class: 0.5% from 5% for each range
  • Displacement range (penetration, elongation): 50 mm
  • Accuracy of displacement measurement: 0.05% +/- 0.05 mm
  • Preset displacement speed according to test:
TESTS mm / min In / min
MARSHALL 50,8 2”
CBR 1,27 0,05”
INCONFINADA 2,8” 1,4224 0,0056”
  • Operation: 220 VAC / 60 Hz (Optional 50 Hz)
  • Overall Dimensions: 810 mm x 510 mm x 1 600 mm
  • Weight: 165 kg
  ** Suggested products (Not included):  
  • Compaction pedestal (Ref. PA-72)
  • Marshall Compaction Mold (Ref. PA-68)
  • Stability Mold (Ref. PA-81)
  • Marshall Compacting Hammer (Ref. PA-75)
  • Digital water hammer (Ref. PA-77D) Automatic compactor (Ref. PA-80)
  • Mold for cement floor (Ref. PS-51)


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