Digital semiautomatic machine for Marshall and CBR tests

REF. PS 25



CBR: INV E 148 | NTC 2122 | ASTM D 1883 | AASHTO T193

Incomplete Compression: INV E152 | NTC 1527 | ASTM D 2166 | AASHTO T 208

Floor Cement: INV E 808/809 | ASTM D1632 / D1633

Marshall: INV E 748


The digital machine for Marshall and CBR PS-25 has been designed to perform laboratory tests with accuracy, speed and authentic registration of test results. Manual operation by means of crank (connecting rod) for the tests of CBR and cement floor; Electrical operation for Marshall test. Digital measurement of force and displacement (penetration, deformation or flow) and speed of advance. It records deformation and maximum load (peak). Registers 12 points of deformation Vs. force in CBR test. It includes electro-mechanical safe that prevents the electrical operation when the crank (cela) is put.


  • Load frame with mobile transom
  • Exchangeable load cell
  • Digital control panel with display
  • Crank for Marshall machine (Ref. PS25C)

Product description.

  • Force range (Stability): 0 to 50 kN compression
  • Accuracy class: 0.5% from 10% of range
  • Load cells: 1 cell type "S" compression | Range: 0 to 50 kN
  • Displacement range (penetration, elongation and flow): 50 mm
  • Accuracy of displacement measurement: 0.1% ± 0.05 mm
  • Travel speed: For Marshall test 50.8 mm Operation: 110 VAC (Optional 220 VAC)
  • Overall dimensions: 505 mm x 775 mm x 1 100 mm
  • Weight: 132 kg
  ** Suggested products (Not included):
  • Stability Mold (Ref. PA-81)
  • Load cell of 5 kN (Ref. CO2473)
  • Compaction pedestal (Ref. PA-72)
  • Digital water bath (Ref. PA-77D)
  • Automatic compactor (Ref. PA-80)
  • Marshall molds (for reference see pg.)


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