Equipment for determining the residue by distillatio

REF. PA 73

Standards: ASTM D 6997 | INV E 762


It is used for the testing of asphalt emulsions in order to provide information about the volatile components of liquid asphalts and to provide the means for separating the asphalt cement from said components. Composed by:

1. 100 ml tube

2. Glass elbow

3. Coolant tube

4. Simple clip (Nut)

5. T apón de corcho

6. Stripping tube

7. Glass Thermometer ASTM 7C, graduated from -2 oC to 300 oC (Ref. PG919)

8. Retort support

9. Ring Burner

10. Retort of aluminum alloy

11. Bunsen burner

12. Support with rod

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