Benkelman digital beam

REF. PA 78

Standard: ASTM D 4695 | AASHTO T 756 | INV E 795


The BENZELMAN DIGITAL VIGO model PA-78 has been developed by Pinzuar Ltda. For the realization and documentation of standard pavement deflection tests, under the requirements of the reference standards, implementing in a standard equipment a specialized system of capture and Data transmission, through the wireless communication protocol WI-FI.

The Benkelman Beam links a global positioning system (GPS), which will allow the simultaneous recording of the geographical position of the point where the test is performed. The electronic system allows recording of the deformation by means of digital dial indicators and allows the display of the battery status of the comparators and the connection and communication status of the WI-FI and GPS via LED indicators. A sensor has been included for measuring temperature and relative humidity (thermo-hygrometer) installed in the electronic system.

For the accurate recording of the test data a software has been developed, which facilitates the proper documentation of the tests along with all the parameters of the same in a spreadsheet.



  • Two digital comparators: Scale division 0.01 mm. Range 12.7 mm (Ref. CO2773) Charger 12 VDC – 1.25 A
  • Vehicle adapter 12 VDC
  • WI-FI module
  • GPS module

Product description.

  • Temperature range: -10 to 50 ° C. Resolution 0.1 ° C  
  • Humidity measurement: 20 to 90% RH. Resolution 0.2 HR  
  • Lever ratio of the multiplier arms: 1: 4  
  • Main arm length: 2.44 m  
  • Total length when the beam is assembled: 3.68 m - Built-in battery: 6 V- 4 Ah battery

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