Benkelman Double Arm Beam

REF. PA 74

Standard: ASTM D469 | AASHTO T756 | INV E 795


It is used for the static determination of the elastic deflection recovered from an asphalt pavement. Made of aluminum with electrostatic paint finish equipped with two multiplier arms and two similar dial gauges in which the readings are taken to calculate the deflections and radius of curvature.


It includes:

  • Wooden box for storage and transport.
  • Two (2) Similar Case Comparators:
  • Range of 25 mm with scale division of 0.01 mm (Ref. CO2934)

Product description.

  • Lever ratio of multiplier arms: 1: 4 
  • Main arm length: 2.44 m 
  • Total length when the beam is assembled: 3.68 m

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