Equipment for measuring ups and downs

REF. PA 38

Reference standards: INV E-793 | INV E 794 | NLT 334


It is used to measure the surface irregularities of road pavements. It can be used in asphalt and / or concrete pavements. The equipment has a measuring unit operated with rechargeable batteries, sensors of vertical deviation, temperature and humidity. The measuring unit receives the geographical position of the work point on a satellite basis and transmits the data wirelessly to a Tablet (included) where, in addition to storing data, you can see a continuous graph that shows the irregularities and generates a report that is Download in a spreadsheet.


The equipment has a device that is operated manually, to leave a spot of paint orange / yellow in the places that the operator considers important.


It includes:

  • Tablet
  • Wi-Fi module
  • GPS module
  • Built-in battery: 6 V- 4 Ah (Duration: 30 continuous hours)
  • Charger for internal battery. 12VDC – 1.25A
  • Adapter for connection to a vehicle 12 VDC

Product description.

  •  Vertical measuring range: 25 mm. Resolution 0.01 mm  
  • Distance between data capture: 0.3 m  
  • Temperature measuring range: 0 to 50 ° C. Resolution 0.1 ° C  
  • Relative humidity measurement range: 10 to 90% RH. Resolution 0,2% RH - Paint can: Content of 240 cm3 (orange / yellow)  
  • Exterior finish: Electrostatic painting.  
  • Overall dimensions: 3200 mm x 780 mm x 450 mm (Length x Width x Height)  
  • Operation: 110 VAC 50/60 Hz (Optional 220 VAC) | 90 W  
  • Total weight: 50 kg


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