Pendulum TRRL Portable device for skid resistance test

REF. PA 42

Standards: ASTM E 303 ASTM, E 501 | INV E 232, 792 | BSI 812 | BS 7976-1


Equipment used for the on-site measurement of the friction properties of floors and roads. It is also used for laboratory aggregate evaluation (accelerated polishing test).


  • Graduated board with scale from 0 to 150 units for the test of floors and roads and with scale of 0 to 1 unit for test of polished accelerated.


It includes:

  • Pendulum arm (Skate) (Ref. PA 46)
  • Set of base plate x 6 units (Ref. PA 41)
  • Brackets for 3 ” base plates (Ref. PA 412)
  • Box for storage and transport.
  • Tools and accessories to perform the test.

Product description.

  • Made with highly resistant and light materials for easy transport.
  • Supplied with calibration report.** Suggested products (Not included): - Supports for 1 1/2 " base plates (Ref. PA 411)

Additional information


PA 41, PA 411, PA 412, PA 46


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