Plate testing equipment

REF. PS 79


Standars: INV E 168 | ASTM D 1196 | ASSHTO T 222-81


Equipment used to determine the load capacity of a floor under static load conditions, for a load plate and a defined depth. It is also used for load testing of floors and components of flexible pavements, to be used in the evaluation and design of pavements for airports and highways.

  • Packing in wooden box
  • Manual Hydraulic Pump (Ref. PC1012)
  • 2 Beams with supports for the dial comparators – Force reading by means of a pressure gauge.
  • Supplied with calibration report
  • Screw system for quick approach
  • Unions and extensions in steel to attach to the truck – 3 similar dialers:
  • Range of 25 mm with scale division of 0.01 mm (Ref. CO2934)

Product description.

  • Measurement range from 0 to 20 000 kgf with scale division of 100 kgf  
  • Steel plates for load application:  
  • Ø 305 mm x 1 "thick
  • Ø 457 mm x 1 "thick  
  • Ø 610 mm x 1 '' thick  
  • Ø 762 mm x 1 "thick

Additional information


CO2934, PC1012


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