Compressometers – Extensometer for concrete cylinders

Standard: ASTM C 469 | NTC 4025

The Compressometer – Extensometer has been designed to measure the modulus of elasticity and Poisson ratio of concrete cylinders (6 “x 12” | 4 “x 8”). Its components are made of steel, bronze and an aluminum alloy, giving very good rigidity and stability at the time of the tests.


Product description.

  • Contact tips: Made of tempered steel
  • Includes two dial comparators that can be chosen from:a. Analogs (Ref. CO2493) b. Digitals (Ref. CO2698)
Cover Comparators**
Dimension Ref.   Scale Divisions Range
Analog 4” x 8” PC132B 0,0001” 0,2”
6” x 12” PC132
Digital 4” x 8” PC171 0,001 mm (0,00005”) 12,7 mm (0,5")
6” x 12” PC141
  ** Suggested products (Not included):
  • USB interface for connecting the dial comparators to the computer. (Ref. PG179)

Additional information


PC132, PC132B, PC141, PC171


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