Automatic dual-range automatic test machine for concrete testing

REF. PC 107


Test Standards: ASTM C39, C78, C109, C293, C469, C496, C1399 | NTC 673, 4025.

It consists of a high capacity rigid frame and control console with low load frame. Independent digital indication of force for each range. Systematic automatic speed control of the application of load. Automatic recording and calculation of results, printing of reports and spreadsheet for all the tests.


  • Econocap equipment (with neoprene pads) Ø 6 “(Ref. PC121)
  • Supplement for failure of 3 ” x 6 ” cylinders (Ref. PC-143)
  • Supplement for failure of 4 ” x 8 ” cylinders (Ref. PC-144)
  • Computer with communication interface.
  • Special software for registration of parameters and test curves with report in specific worksheet

for each type of test, adjusted to international standards. The sample parameters, data, test curves and results are shown.; Recovery of tests, reports, calibration of the press and diagnosis for:

  • Compression tests of: Concrete cylinders, cement blocks, bricks and blocks.
  • Testing of bending beams.
  • Indirect voltage test Modulus of elasticity and Poisson ratio tests.
  • Stress tests. deformation.

*** Does not include other accessories, civil or electrical works necessary for the anchoring and correct operation of the machine. ***


Product description.

Capacity: Low Range High Range
200 kN a compression 1 000 kN a compression
Scale Division: 0,01 kN 0,1 kN
Plate diameter: 150 mm 275 mm
Height: 370 mm adjustable 370 mm
Class: Class 1 from 20% of range Class 1 from 10% of range
Tests: Beams in bending Bricks, billets, cobblestones
Cement Cubes Elasticity Modules
Indirect traction of 6 "cylinders Poisson's Relation
Compression in 3 "and 4" Cylinders Compression in 6 "Cylinders
  • Operation: Electro-hydraulic, automatic systemized, closed-loop control.
  • Speed regulation: 0.1 MPa / min at 500 MPa / min (according to test)
** Suggested products (Not included):
  • PC-123 Econocap Team 3 "
  • PC-122 Econocap Team 4 "
  • PC-105 Device for testing bending beams
  • PC-142 Attachment for failure of cubes - Equipment for testing mortar blocks under compression
  • PC-132 Compressometer - Extensometer for Concrete Cylinders
  • PC-2 Test Equipment for Indirect Traction in 6 "x 12"

Additional information


PC 107D, PC 107D-15, PC 107D-20, PC 107D-30


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