Double range digital machine for concrete testing



Reference Standards: INV E 410, E 411, E414, E415 | ASTM C39, C78, C109, C293, C469, C496, C1399, NTC 673, 4025.

Consisting of control console with indication and control. Hydraulic press (load frame) of high stability made of solid steel with protection grids, luminous cadence meter for indication of speed of application of load, membrane keyboard and button of emergency stop. Programmable for compression tests of: cylinders, cubes, beams, concrete briquettes, bricks and blocks.

The operator selects the test and its parameters, by pressing a key the test starts. When the sample fails, the test results are stored and the press is ready for the next test. During the test it is indicated: force, effort and speed of application of load. Memory for 556 tests. Save: Date, time, type of test, maximum force, effort and test speed. Easy consultation and subsequent printing.


  • Digital force indicator for PC42D (Ref. PG2842)
  • Econocap equipment (with neoprene pads) Ø 6 “(Ref. PC121)
  • Supplement for failure of 3 ” x 6″ cylinders (Ref. PC 143)
  • Supplement for failure of 4 ” x 8 ” cylinders (Ref. PC 144)



Product description.

Capacity: Low Range High Range
200 kN a compression 1 000 kN a compression
Scale Division: 0,01 kN 0,1 kN
Plate diameter: 150 mm 275 mm
Height: 370 mm adjustable 370 mm
Class: Class 1 from  20% of range Class 1 from 10% of range
Tests: Beams in bending Bricks, billets, cobblestones
Cement Cubes Elasticity Modules
Indirect traction of 6 "cylinders Poisson's Relation
Compression in 3 "and 4" Cylinders Compression in 6 "Cylinders
Stackable head: For testing concrete cylinders up to 6 "x 12"
  ** The following loading capacities can be manufactured at the request of the customer: 200 kN | 1500 kN | 2 000 kN | 3,000 kN **  
  • Dimensions:
    • Loading frame: 510 mm x 450 mm x 1 000 mm
    • Control module: 1 000 mm x 630 mm x 1 370 mm
  • Speed: Adjustable from 0.05 MPa / min to 100 MPa / min according to test
  • Operation: 110 VAC / 60 Hz (optional at 220 VAC)
  • Weight: 495 kg Warranty: 1 year for manufacturing defects
** Suggested products (Not included): Econocap Equipment 3 "(Ref. PC123) Econocap Equipment 4 "(Ref. PC122) Device for testing bending beams (Ref. PC105) Attachment to fail cubes- Equipment for testing mortar blocks under compression (Ref. PC142) Compressometer- Extensometer for concrete cylinders (Ref. PC132) Equipment for test of indirect traction in cylinders of 6 "x 12" (Ref. PC2) Software for recording tests (Ref. PC-4200)    

Additional information


PC42D, PC42D-15, PC42D-20, PC42D-30


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