Manual concrete machine with digital indicator

REF. PC 160

Standards: NTC 673, 722 | INV E410, E411, E414, E415 | ASTM C39, C78, C293, C496 | AASHTO T22, T97.

The concrete test machine, model PC160, has been designed for the realization of field tests to compression in samples of concretes. The operation of the machine is totally manual and the system of measurement and indication of digital force with maximum memory of load, facilitates the taking of data of safe form. The force measurement and indication system has been designed taking into account the types of tests to be performed and has facilities for changing units of measurement, internal stress calculation and peak load memory.


  • Manual hydraulic pump (Ref. PC1012)
  • Digital force indicator for machine PC160 (Ref.PGD11)
  • Econocap equipment (with neoprene pads) Ø 6 “(Ref. PC121)


Product description.

Metrological characteristics:
  • Measuring range: 1 000 kN
  • Accuracy class: 1 from 20% of range
  • Scale division: 0,1 kN
Technical characteristics:
  • Manual operation by hydraulic jack with lever and discharge valve.
  • Seven-digit industrial type digital display with parameters configurable through the keyboard Located on the front panel. Resolution of 10,000 scale divisions.
  • Allows to select between force and effort in units of International System of Units (SI), kN / MPa and the Imperial lbf / psi system.
  • Automatic maximum load memory with peak hold, it can be selected that the reading Of maximum force (maximum effort) is maintained after the sample failure.
  • Diaphragm panel with 5 keys for operation and value entry functions Of the area of the sample, necessary for the calculation of the effort.
  • Data output via USB port, transmits during the test the value of the force in kN.
  • 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Additional information


PC1012, PC121, PC160, PGD11


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