Cutting machine for concrete specimens and building materials

REF. PC 166


The cutter is used to grind defective concrete specimens and cores to improve parallax between test surfaces. Correct defects of perpendicularity or flatness of test surfaces. It is also used, with suitable accessories, to cut other building materials such as bricks, blocks, tiles, paving stones, rocks, etc. The cutter is designed with a stable, ergonomic base and has a pneumatic press for attaching the test pieces. It is equipped with a protector for the cutting disc, irrigation system and waste collection tray.

Product description.

  • Capacity: Samples from 65 mm (2 1/2 ") to 150 mm (6")
  • Diamond Cutting Disc: 14 "
  • Engine: From 2 HP
  • Operation: 115 VAC 60 Hz (Optional at 220 VAC and / or 50 Hz)
  • Cooling: By means of water
  • Pneumatic Press: With pressure regulator from 0 to 120 psi
  • Air Compressor: 150 psi
  • Dimensions: 600 mm x 800 mm x 1600 mm
  • Weight: 70 kg.
  * For indirect rock traction testing please refer to the computerized multipurpose machine *


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