Triple mold for cement and mortar blocks

REF. PC 1111


Standard: INV E 323


Triple mold built in bronze cast to form cubic samples in batches of 3, for tests of resistance to compression of Portland cement, mortar, lime, gypsum and other compounds of facing.

  • Built in brass cast with flanges for quick assembly.
  • It includes:


    • Triple Hub Trowel (Ref. PC 1011C)
    • Screw A for PC1111: Length 85 mm (Ref. PTPC111P04)
    • Screw B for PC1111: Length 32 mm (Ref. PTPC111P05)

Product description.

  • Capacity: Elaboration of 3 samples in each batch.
  • Distance between faces: 50 mm  
  • Angle between sides: 90 °

Additional information


PC 1011C, PC1111, PTPC111P04, PTPC111P05


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