Set to determine concrete settling

REF. PC 110


It is used for the concrete slump test (Slump) with aggregates less than 50 mm.

Product description.

It includes:  
  • Metallic Slump Cone (Ref. PC1101)
    • Height: 300 mm
    • Main base diameter: 200 mm
    • Smallest base diameter: 100 mm
    • Made of 16 gauge galvanized sheet
    • Electrostatic paint finish
  • 5/8 "x 600 mm tamping rod (Ref. PC1481)
  • Cast iron spoon for sampling concrete (Ref. PG97)
  • Base plate for seating cone (Ref. PC139) 
*** Optional: Plastic Slump Cone Cone (Ref. PC1102)  

Additional information


PC1101, PC1102, PC139, PC1481, PG97


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