thermometers ASTM


Product description.

Type Range Ref.
ASTM 7C -2 °C a 300 °C PG919
ASTM 8C -2 °C a 400 °C PG906
ASTM 11C - 6 °C a 400 °C PG927
ASTM 13C 155 °C a 170 °C PGV95
ASTM 15C - 2 °C a 80 °C PG966
ASTM 16C 30 ºC a 200 ºC PG925
ASTM 17C 19 ºC a 27 ºC PG920
ASTM 18C 34 ºC A 42ºC PG941
ASTM 19C 49 ºC A 57ºC PG945
ASTM 20C 57 ºC A 65°C PG957
ASTM 21C 79 ºC A 87ºC PG918
ASTM 22C 95 ºC A 103ºC PG911

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PG906, PG911, PG918, PG920, PG925, PG927, PG927 ASTM 11C, PG941, PG945, PG957, PG966, PGV95


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