Stress testing jaws

Accessory used for stress tests, designs according to the material to be tested; From foams, thin wires, smooth and grafted steel rods, construction steel, wood, plastics and various metals.

• Self-adjusting and easy-release design by handles Supplied with flat and / or Vwheel set for testing flat and round section materials.

Product description.

  • Maximum capacity: Up to 100 kN as accessory (For longer ranges it is already integrated in the machine structure)
  • Machine coupling diameter: Up to 63 mm (Depending on the selected range)
  • Plug-in diameter: Up to 19 mm (Depending on the selected range)
  • Maximum jaw opening: Up to 20 mm (Depends on selected range)
  • Sense of adjustment shows: Right
  • Type of operation: Mechanical manual
  • Temperature range: - 5 ° C to 60 ° C


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