Universal testing machines

Our universal PU testing machines have been developed to meet the needs of laboratory testing in a broad field of research and industries in general; Making it possible to carry out a wide variety of tests on materials such as fibers, textiles, wood, plastics, steels, paper, glass, various metallic elements and building materials, among others.

The force application system, either from a servo motor or hydraulic cylinder, allows the execution of tests with an excellent speed control for the entire range, in accordance with the requirements of the test standards.

The measurement of the force and its calibration, guarantees the high accuracy, precision and efficiency. Thanks to a comfortable automatic systemized operation, in addition to speed, it registers and archives all the parameters of the samples together with the data of the test including the easiness for printing records or reports and the subsequent consultation of tests carried out.


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PU10, PU100, PU1000, PU20, PU300, PU50, PU500, PU70