Sand equivalent test equipment


Standards: INV E 133 | ASTM D 2419

It is used to determine the relative proportion of fine dust or clayey materials that contain fine soils or aggregates.

Product description.

- Three acrylic specimens for sand equivalent (Ref. PG226):
  • Inside diameter 31,75 mm
  • Height 430 mm
  • Graduation from 2,54 mm to 381 mm with divisions of 1 mm
- Irrigating tube (Ref. PG231) - Ballast rod (Ref. PG240) - Stock solution x 500 ml (Ref. PG701) - Funnel (Ref. PG241) - Measuring vessel (Ref. PG126) - Hose- length of 1.50 m (Ref. PG230) - Mohr Clamp (Ref. CO1588) - Weight for equivalent sand of 1 000 g (Ref. PG242) - Wooden box for storage and transport (Ref. CO1178)

Additional information


CO1178, CO1588, PG126, PG226, PG230, PG231, PG240, PG241, PG242, PG701


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