Consolidation equipment (Oedometer)

Standards:  INV E 151 | NTC 1967 | ASTM D 2435

The equipment for carrying out consolidation tests uses weights which, by means of a lever arm, apply a stress to a soil sample placed in a standard cell (chamber). The measurement of the deformation is made by means of a dial comparator.

Pinzuar offers consolidation equipment in single-, two- and three-chamber configurations, with analog or digital measurement systems, and systems for systematically recording test data using its software.

Through the software, tests performed on up to six (6) consolidometers linked to a multichannel and through it, to the computer can be simultaneously recorded. The software, in real time, records the data and performs calculations for the determination of consolidation times, for each load and discharge and finally presents consolidation and pre-consolidation curves, together with the results, in separate spreadsheets for each sample.


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Product description.

Each consolidometer consists of:
  • Cast aluminum base, machined guide for the camera
  • Consolidation chamber 50.8 mm for diameter samples
  • Load arm with 3 lever ratios: 9: 1, 10: 1 and 11: 1
  • Load frame with height adjustable screw for the measurement of the deformation
  • Support weight holder in aluminum
  • Set of weights (Ref. PC-1554)
  • One (1) weighs 500 g (Ref. PS 263)
  • Four (4) of 1 kg (Ref. PC1551)
  • Three (3) of 4 kg (Ref. PC1552)
  • One (1) of 16 kg (Ref. PC1553)
  - Porous Stones:
  • One (1) 6.8 mm x 50.8 mm diameter (Ref. PS1082)
  • One (1) 6.8 mm x 63.5 mm diameter (Ref. PS1083)
  • Tread plate with dimple for load application
  • Frame for one, two or three chambers according to the model
  • Adjustable support for dial indicator
  • One (1) analog or digital dial comparator depending on model:
Type Scale Division Range Ref.
Analog 0,0001” 0,2” CO2493
Digital 0,001 mm 12,7 mm CO2698
  For systematized model it also includes:
  • A multi-channel with capacity for six (6) digital consolidometers.
  • Interface and connection cables (See PS-73M):
Model Dimensions Weight Analog Ref. Ref. Digital Ref. Systematized
1 Chamber 500 mm x 850 mm x 1600 mm 84 kg PS301 PS301D PS301S
2 Chamber 1100 mm x 850 mm x 1600 mm 132 kg PS302 PS302D PS302S
3 Chamber 1650 mm x 850 mm x 1600 mm 185 kg PS303 PS303D PS303S

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PS 301, PS 301D, PS 301S, PS 302, PS 302D, PS 302S, PS 303, PS 303D, PS 303S


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