Machine for digital unconfined compression


Standards INV E 152 | ASTM D 2166 | NTC 1527

The digital unconfined compression testing machine is designed to apply loads manually by means of a connecting rod attached to a gear device located at the base of the machine.

The system of measurement and digital indication of force allows to see the load and the effort applied during the test. The maximum load (peak) is stored and displayed at the end of the test.


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Product description.

- Measuring range: 2,5 kN | Optional: 5 kN - Measurement of displacement or deformation by means of comparator of similar cover with Support (Ref. CO783): Range Division: 0.001 "| Travel: 1 " - Load plate 100 mm in diameter - 76 mm diameter piston (Ref. PTPS27P24) - Hand crank (connecting rod) for unconfined machine (Ref. PTPS10P07) - Dimensions: 538 mm x 375 mm x 800 mm - Approx. Weight: 48 kg

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CO783, PG75, PTPS10P07, PTPS27P24


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