Machine for manual unconfined compression

REF. PS 10

Standards ASTM D 2166 | INV E 152 | NTC 1527.
The unconfined compression test machine is an equipment designed to apply loads manually by means of a connecting rod attached to a gear device located at the base of the machine.

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- Measurement of force by means of load ring class I: Range 2,5 kN | Optional: 5 kN (Ref. PG75) - Measurement of displacement or deformation by means of comparator of similar cover with Support (Ref. CO783): Range Division: 0.001 "| Travel: 1 " - Adjustable for samples up to 210 mm in height - Load plate 100 mm in diameter - 76 mm diameter piston (Ref. PTPS27P24) - Hand crank (connecting rod) for unconfined machine (Ref. PTPS10P07) - Dimensions: 538 mm x 375 mm x 800 mm - Approximate weight: 43 kg

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CO783, PG75, PTPS10P07, PTPS27P24


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