Automatic equipment for direct cutting tests – consolidation

REF. PS 107

Standards:  INV E 154 | NTC 1917 | ASTM D 3080 | AASHTO T236

Specifically designed to perform and record the tests in the consolidation and cutting stages, directly in a spreadsheet making it possible to record all test parameters, real-time capture of data and immediate presentation of curves and results of the test. Consolidation times (at 50%, 90% and 100%), the consolidation coefficient and the optimum cutting speed are calculated and displayed. The complete test includes the testing of three or up to four samples of the same material. The curves are presented as: strain Vs deformation, vertical stress Vs tangential stress and Mohr circles, which it is calculated and reported, angle of friction and cohesion after the third sample.

The control panel of the machine with membrane keyboard and an LCD display with contrast lighting, serves as a man-machine interface for programming and operation. A menu allows, in an easy and fast way, the programming of the machine and the parameters of the samples to be tested. During the test, force, stress, vertical deformation, tangential deformation and tangential (deformation) velocity can be visualized on the screen.

The measurement of the vertical deformations of the sample is made by means of a comparator of digital cover with scale division of 0.001 mm. The work area has a pool with capacity for cutting boxes from 38 mm to 72 mm in diameter or side. (Optionally the pool is supplied with capacity to accommodate cutting devices up to 100 mm in diameter or length).

The basic machine configuration includes:

• A round-cut chamber of 50.8 mm diameter (Ref. PS1082)

• A square-cut camera with 63.5 mm side (Ref. PS1083)

• 2.5 kN force transducer

• A set of weights totaling 32 kg, for application of vertical forces up to 3.2 kN and stresses between 10 kPa and 1,500 kPa.

• A digital dial comparator (Ref. CO2698)

• Computer and software for recording tests

Product description.

- Force measurement range: 2.5 kN. Range Division 0.2 N (Optional 5 kN) - Measuring range of tangential deformation: 50 mm. Scale Division 0.01 mm - Measuring range of vertical deformation: 12.7 mm. Scale Division 0.001 mm (Comparator of Digital cover included Ref. CO2698) - Programmable tangential displacement speed from 0.010 mm / min to 2.1 mm / min - Vertical maximum load: 5 kN - Maximum horizontal load capacity: 5 kN - Operation: 220 VAC (50/60 Hz) - Pool included for round or square cutting chambers up to 72 mm (Ref.PS1084) Cutting Chambers Includes: • Round 50.8 mm diameter (Ref. PS1082) • Square 63.5 mm side (Ref. PS1083) Lever ratio for vertical load: 1: 5 and 1:10 Weights included for vertical load application: • 1 weight of 500 g (Ref.PS263) • 4 weights of 1 kg (Ref.PC1551) • 3 weights of 4 kg (Ref.PC1552) • 1 weight of 16 kg (Ref.PC1553) - Optional vertical loading weights (not included) • 50 g (Ref.PS266) • 100 g (Ref.PC1555) • 200 g (Ref.PS267)   COMPOSITION OF THE CUTTING CHAMBER Each cutting chamber is composed of:  
Accessories Square chamber Round chamber
Dimensions Ref. Dimensions Ref.
Pisador 63,5 mm PTPS28P97 Ø 50,8 mm PTPS28P49
Cutting blade PTPS28P99 PTPS28P57
Two piece mold PS1085 PS1086
2 Swell plates (Filters) PTPS28P96 PTPS28P47
2 swell and perforated plates (Filters) PTPS28P95 PTPS28P48
Motherboard PTPS28P94 PTPS28P46
Two porous stones 63 mm x 63 mm x 7 mm CO 926 6,8 mm x 50,8 mm CO 1959


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